Center for Information Security

The primary purpose of the Center for Information Security Education is to provide information on information security educational opportunities and initiatives in the KSU community, and to provide outreach opportunities in faculty development, collaboration, and curriculum develop assistance to colleagues in the region. The Center also serves as the regional host for the Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.


“One outstanding feature of your curriculum is the real world approach based on an intellectual foundation. The students are equipped with the applicable foundation of knowledge that allows them adjust and learn quickly in the real and constantly changing technology business arena.”

-- Tim O’Neill, V.P. and Chief consultant for B.T.Solutions

Center Summer High School Teacher Cybersecurity Workshop

Kennesaw State University is current soliciting applicants for a summer workshop in Cybersecurity for High School teachers within the Metro Atlanta region.

For more information visit the workshop web page here, or email us at infosec@kennesaw.edu.