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Women's Leadership Center


The Coles College of Business Women’s Leadership Center (WLC) is dedicated to helping female students and professionals reach their leadership potential through innovative research, actionable programs that educate a wide audience of men and women, and a focal point for women’s networking where they learn to be rainmakers for themselves and others. The Center’s main objective is to help women find the key to unlocking the doors to higher levels of achievement in their careers in corporate America, higher education, not-for-profit organizations, or as entrepreneurs.

The WLC achieves its mission through:

  • Innovation: Research that pushes thought leadership boundaries and encourages further discussion around gender and leadership.

  • Education: Programs tailored to enable all women to uncover and reach their full leadership potential in the workplace.

  • Community Engagement: Fostering and supporting the advancement of women in today’s workplace and the workplace of the future – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Recent News

  • Why is the 'motherhood myth' still so entrenched in the workplace?
    Research shows that children don’t stop women making it to the top. Time to throw the baby out with the bathwater, says Rosamund Urwin.

  • Moving mind-sets on gender diversity: McKinsey Global Survey results
    To ensure that corporate culture supports—not hinders—the ability of women to reach top management, companies must address mind-sets and develop a more inclusive, holistic diversity agenda.

  • Eleven Reasons Why 2014 Will Be a Breakout Year for Women Entrepreneurs

  • Pantene Commercial Presents Labels Against Women

  • “General Motors Names Mary Barra as CEO” General Motors will name Mary Barra as the auto maker's new chief executive officer, succeeding Dan Akerson. Ms. Barra, who is currently senior vice president in charge of product development for GM, becomes the first woman to run the largest U.S. auto maker in terms of revenue. She spent her whole working life at GM, beginning her career at the auto maker in 1980, before her 20th birthday.

  • “Four Executives on Succeeding in Business as a Woman” Conversation with four female executives on leading business.

  • “The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In” A decade after they left their careers in favor of full-time lives at home, these previously working mothers refelct on the choice they made…and why they may not make the same choice again.

  • The Leaky Pipeline: Why Fewer Women Make It to the Top by Ruchika Tulshyan. This article discusses the golden opportunity companies are missing out on by having the leaky pipeline to the top.


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Women's Leadership Center

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Women's Leadership Center


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