Override & Policy Information

  • Special Override Request

    To be used if:

    • You have a course substitution for the prerequisite of the course you want to take.
    • You have special permission from a Coles Department Chair to enroll in one of their courses without meeting all prerequisites.
    • You are a non-business major who wants to enroll in an upper-division business course.

    The Online Special Override Request System opens 2 weeks prior to registration each semester.

    Submit Your Request Now, Using Your KSU Student Email

    Prerequisite Override Request

    Path2Coles: Pre-Requisite Override Changes

    The Online Prerequisite Override System opens after grades have been finalized by the University. You may submit a request as long as:

    • You have a 3.0 GPA or higher in your Sophomore GPA Requirement and course-related prerequisites.
    • All of your grades are a “C” or better.
    • You have met all of the current prerequisites (per KSU policy), go to the KSU Undergraduate Catalog at catalog.kennesaw.edu to view course prerequisites. Look in the "Courses" section near the bottom of the right menu.

    Submit Your Request Now, Using Your KSU Student Email

    Re-Enrollment Override Request

    To gain registration approval to take a course for a 3rd time, see your Academic Advisor. There is no online system for these requests.

    For more details visit: ColesCollege.com/uppolicy.

    Make an appointment with your Academic Advisor today:


  • These requests will be considered only after Drop/Add.

    Request a Closed Class Override from the appropriate Department Chair, using the links below. You may submit an override request at any time. Decisions will be made prior to the Drop/Add period.

    Closed Class overrides are allocated on an as needed basis.

  • To declare a business Minor, submit the Request for Formal Minor form to your Coles Advisor, Suite BB 431.

    Please note: You will not be approved to take 4000-level business courses if you have not made sufficient progress on your Major courses, even if you have the specific business course prerequisites.

  • What should I do if I have not officially received a Closed Course override prior to the start of the class?

    Attend the first day of class and make contact with the instructor. If you are given an override into a closed class, you do not want to have missed any of the class.

    When should I put in my Override Request?

    For any of the override sites, we recommend that you put your requests in as soon as the system opens.

    How long will it take for my override to be processed?

    The turnaround time for a decision ranges from a few hours to 5-7 business days depending on the number of requests coming into the system.

    Are overrides guaranteed?

    No. Your file will be reviewed, and an override will be approved only if you have satisfactory preparation and you are eligible to take the course you are requesting.

    How will I know if my override was granted?

    You will receive an email notification to your KSU student email, whether approved or denied.

    When I receive an override, does that mean I am enrolled in the class?

    No. You will not be automatically enrolled. You must still register after the override is approved.

    What if I have a course substitution?

    If you have a course substitution, the KSU registration system cannot “read” the substitutions in your file. It will not let you register for a course if you have a substitution for the prerequisite.

    What if I have multiple override requests?

    Be sure to submit your requests in priority order so your most important requests are considered first. Do not submit an excessive number of requests.

    When can I submit my request?

    You can submit your request during the times that each particular system is open, as stated above.

    When will my request be reviewed?

    Requests are reviewed on business days during regular business hours.

    When does the online system close?

    The online system closes the day prior to the end of a registration period to allow time for processing requests. On the last day of registration, requests may be submitted in person at the Business Undergraduate Advising Center on the 4th floor of the Burruss Building (BB 431). Due to time constraints, these requests may not be able to be processed before the registration period ends.

    Due to extended registration periods, there may be times when the system has to be down for maintenance. 

Re-enrollment Policy

Certain courses are now restricted to 3 attempts. Any course with a posted grade is counted as an attempt (including W & WF) even if transferred from another institution.

  • For the 3rd attempt, you must see a Coles College Advisor to get approval for a re-enrollment override. Go to ColesAdvising.com to make an appointment.

For more details visit: ColesCollege.com/uppolicy.